FUZ Dock for Apple Watch [Review]

Have you heard of FUZ Designs? They are a very innovative company based in Salt Lake City, UT that are actually putting out some really cool products. I was able to get my hands on a FUZ Dock for Apple Watch. I really like the idea of a dock for my Apple Watch, I feel it is a little more secure than just laying on the counter charging. The Apple Watch also goes into dock mode and has a cool interface while on the dock. Lastly, I am a tech nerd, so any accessory for my tech, I am going to be all over it. Below is my review of the FUZ Dock for Apple Watch.

The dock comes in a small compact box with a couple of different things such as, instructions, adhesive strip to attach to the EverDock (their dock for iPhone) and suction strip for a flat surface, and the product itself. The product is pretty straight forward and you don’t need instructions to set it up but I included photos of the instructions, so you could see all contents. Below are the instructions on how to insert your charger and set it up to use.

The instructions are as follows:

  1. Remove silicone cover from dock.
  2. Thread USB end of charging cable through opening on FUZ dock.
  3. Determine which charging cable you have.
  4. Silver Charger: To properly fit the silver charger, insert the spacer disc into the inner plastic cable holder. (discard disc spacer when using white charger)
  5. Pull cable tight and press charger firmly into inner plastic cable holder.
  6. Align your cable with the cable channel and press cable into position.
  7. Place silicon cover back over the inner plastic cable holder.
  8. Mounting FUZ Dock:
    1. For use on EverDock: Remove adhesive backing and stick to back of EverDock.
    2. For use on other surfaces: Attach micro-suction to bottom of FUZ Dock. Remove backing and press firmly to smooth surface. Micro-suction allows for re-positioning of dock.

2017-03-06 22.34.28

As shown in the photo, the FUZ Dock for Apple Watch is actually really cool and I love having one. My only suggestion would be, after you have applied the micro-suction, stick it firmly onto the surface where you’re wanting your Apple Watch to be. I applied the micro-suction, stuck it to my table for this photo, and then transferred it to my night stand. Don’t get my wrong, it works just fine and sticks to my night stand but for best results, positioning it once is going to be better. Also, I forgot to mention, the FUZ Dock for Apple Watch comes in black, silver, and blue, I believe. The silicone is the only part of it that is colored, so you could potentially buy replacement silicone sleeves for the FUZ Dock if you eventually wanted a different color. Now, you’re probably asking, where do I buy this? Well, it has actually been removed from their website and Amazon as of right now. FUZ Designs has been revamping their website and brand, so they should have it on their website very soon. In the meantime, I would recommend going to purchase the EverDock for iPhone and when the FUZ Dock for Apple Watch is available again, you can attach it to your EverDock.


The Matrix PowerWatch

I would like to start this post off by asking an important question. Would you purchase a smartwatch from a manufacturer other than your phone manufacturer or a smartwatch with limited app functionality? What if a smartwatch solved one of the largest problems about smartwatches but the app functionality was limited or it didn’t communicate with your phone very well, would you still purchase the smartwatch? This is an interesting question because Apple has made the Apple Watch work so well with the iPhone and enables quite a bit of functionality for a smartwatch. Samsung, too, offers smartwatches that I don’t think are very far behind from Apple as far as user experience goes. I am all about functionality and the user experience, so if a smartwatch was released that didn’t work well with the phone I have then that is probably going to be a deal breaker, for me. Because of this, it leads me back to my original question, would you purchase a smartwatch from a manufacturer other than your smartphone manufacturer?  I ask this because there is a smartwatch coming out that you’re going to find very fascinating and that is feature-packed, but the manufacturer is not a phone manufacturer and it only offers “micro-applications” and notifications, so app functionality will most likely be limited. If you’re all about specs and features then the Matrix PowerWatch should intrigue you. What if I told you that you didn’t have to charge the Matrix PowerWatch when you take it off? What if I told you that the watch would be “charging” while on your wrist? You would probably think, “tell me more!”, right? Below is some information on The Matrix PowerWatch and it is actually pretty impressive.

The Matrix PowerWatch

What we know:

  • It is the first smartwatch that you never have to charge.
  • It offers the most accurate calorie burn count.
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters.
  • Tracks activity, sleep quality, steps, and calories burned as you would expect.
  • Only one model will offer notifications.
  • Has the ability to use “micro-applications” which hints that the functionality will be limited.
  • Has an app that allows customization to the interface.


The unknowns:

  • How well will this smartwatch work with iOS and Android?
  • What will the app functionality look like?
  • Since it never has to be charged while off of your wrist, how well will the display look and function?
  • How will the large and rugged look be accepted by more than just the outdoors people?
  • Will this feature-packed smartwatch offer enough for people to click the “Buy it now” button?

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this smartwatch. I can’t wait for this smartwatch to be released because I am interested to see how well it works and, most importantly, how it is perceived in this industry.


Source: The Matrix PowerWatch