onn Cable Clips [Review]

Do you get frustrated with your electronics cables? Do you battle with your cables either by your bed or at your desk? Cables are a constant frustration for me when trying to charge my phone on my nightstand or even at my desk. These cable clips have really saved me some headache. I don’t have to worry about my cables falling or even having to search for my cables. They are a simple but a must-have accessory when it comes to my electronics. Below is a review of these “onn Cable Clips”.

2017-06-18 23.33.37

I found these onn Cable Clips at Wal Mart for $2.88. The packaging isn’t that great but they’re a cheaper accessory, so I kept my expectations low. The clip itself are better quality than I would have thought. At this price, I’ll be honest, I was expecting the adhesive to be thin and dinky but it actually has pretty good adhesive on the clips and the product itself feels and looks pretty good.

The clips have two slots for cables per clip which is nice because I have several cables by my nightstand and on my desk for my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. It’s nice to have multiple slots. I like my areas to be clean looking and organized and this accomplishes that.

Each clip has adhesive on the bottom, so you can install these clips on top of the table or on the side where they’re hidden if you don’t want them to be visible. I don’t think I am going to be using all six but it will be nice to have “back ups”. Overall, they’re a good buy, the price is very inexpensive, they do the job, and they’re better quality than I would have expected. I believe they’re only available at Wal Mart, so check the stock on Wal Mart’s website below and go pick some up!

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FUZ Dock for Apple Watch [Review]

Have you heard of FUZ Designs? They are a very innovative company based in Salt Lake City, UT that are actually putting out some really cool products. I was able to get my hands on a FUZ Dock for Apple Watch. I really like the idea of a dock for my Apple Watch, I feel it is a little more secure than just laying on the counter charging. The Apple Watch also goes into dock mode and has a cool interface while on the dock. Lastly, I am a tech nerd, so any accessory for my tech, I am going to be all over it. Below is my review of the FUZ Dock for Apple Watch.

The dock comes in a small compact box with a couple of different things such as, instructions, adhesive strip to attach to the EverDock (their dock for iPhone) and suction strip for a flat surface, and the product itself. The product is pretty straight forward and you don’t need instructions to set it up but I included photos of the instructions, so you could see all contents. Below are the instructions on how to insert your charger and set it up to use.

The instructions are as follows:

  1. Remove silicone cover from dock.
  2. Thread USB end of charging cable through opening on FUZ dock.
  3. Determine which charging cable you have.
  4. Silver Charger: To properly fit the silver charger, insert the spacer disc into the inner plastic cable holder. (discard disc spacer when using white charger)
  5. Pull cable tight and press charger firmly into inner plastic cable holder.
  6. Align your cable with the cable channel and press cable into position.
  7. Place silicon cover back over the inner plastic cable holder.
  8. Mounting FUZ Dock:
    1. For use on EverDock: Remove adhesive backing and stick to back of EverDock.
    2. For use on other surfaces: Attach micro-suction to bottom of FUZ Dock. Remove backing and press firmly to smooth surface. Micro-suction allows for re-positioning of dock.

2017-03-06 22.34.28

As shown in the photo, the FUZ Dock for Apple Watch is actually really cool and I love having one. My only suggestion would be, after you have applied the micro-suction, stick it firmly onto the surface where you’re wanting your Apple Watch to be. I applied the micro-suction, stuck it to my table for this photo, and then transferred it to my night stand. Don’t get my wrong, it works just fine and sticks to my night stand but for best results, positioning it once is going to be better. Also, I forgot to mention, the FUZ Dock for Apple Watch comes in black, silver, and blue, I believe. The silicone is the only part of it that is colored, so you could potentially buy replacement silicone sleeves for the FUZ Dock if you eventually wanted a different color. Now, you’re probably asking, where do I buy this? Well, it has actually been removed from their website and Amazon as of right now. FUZ Designs has been revamping their website and brand, so they should have it on their website very soon. In the meantime, I would recommend going to purchase the EverDock for iPhone and when the FUZ Dock for Apple Watch is available again, you can attach it to your EverDock.

ProGlass Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone [Review]

I have always used ZAGG invisibleSHIELD screen protectors, since the day I purchased my first iPod and iPhone back in 2006-2007. ZAGG was the first company to introduce the polyurethane material to protect gadgets and bring this product to the CE space. Also, my Dad worked for them when they were a new company and spent 10 years of his career with them. I worked there as well but only for a few years, so I guess that has contributed to the loyalty. Since launching a blog, I have wanted to be more adventurous and willing to try new products. I recently switched back to iPhone, so I had to go through the process of finding a screen protector and case for it. I was going to do a series of product tests; my intention was to go to Walmart and find the cheapest glass screen protector and then if it completely failed then I would try a product that was a step up and so forth. To my surprise, the first one I bought was actually pretty good. I purchased the ProGlass Tempered Glass Screen Protector and haven’t been disappointed.


There are definitely pros and cons to this product but I will admit that the pros outweigh the cons. Below are the things that I like about the product and the things that I dislike about the product.

The things that I like

  • Price ($8.98-$9.99)
  • Easy install
  • Clean look after install
  • Contents in packaging (see below for details)
  • Quality. It’s not just a cheap piece of tempered glass, I could tell while installing.

The things that I dislike

  • Warranty. They mention they have a replacement guarantee but its not outlined very clearly, so there may be some hoops to jump through. Also, you don’t have the luxury of going to a store or a mall kiosk for a replacement.
  • Case friendly design. I have a case on my phone and there are still several millimeters between the screen protector and case. I am pretty particular with my technology, so this may not bother any one else. (ProGlass does offer a full screen protector but is only available online)

As you can see, there aren’t a lot of cons with this product. Since the product is only $9-$10 to purchase, I don’t even expect a lifetime warranty. If it breaks or scratches in 6 months, I would probably just go buy a new one, to be honest. Also, the design is not the end of the world, if it ends up bugging me too much then I will order a full screen protector from their website but so far it hasn’t set off my OCD.

At the end of the day, I recommend the ProGlass product and would encourage you to give it a try. Below are some photos of the packaging contents and installation tools.


I didn’t use the dust stickers at all but I really liked the cloth and alcohol wipe. The red applicator didn’t really help to install the product but it may be because I have experience installing this type of product.
The one tip that I would recommend, that I don’t believe they mentioned, is once you peel the backing off of the glass screen protector keep the adhesive side facing down, so dust that is in the air doesn’t fall on the adhesive side.

Overall, this product is definitely worth a purchase. I am glad that I came across it and so far it has exceeded my expectations. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Click here to purchase the ProGlass Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

TechMatte MagGrip Vent Car Mount [Review]

One of the most difficult tasks that I had as a smartphone owner was finding a nice and sleek looking vent mount for my car. I tried a couple different ones but they were either too bulky or didn’t stay connected to the vent very well. After searching Best Buy, Target, and Wal Mart, I turned to Amazon and crossed my fingers on ordering a few since I couldn’t see them in person. I tend to be pretty picky about my phone accessories. After testing all the mounts that I had purchased, I found one that I really like and that works really well, it is the TechMatte MagGrip Vent Car Mount found on Amazon. To make it easy on you, click on the link to be taken to the direct listing on Amazon. Below is my full review and some things that you may want to know before purchasing it.

As you can see it is a very simplistic accessory, it comes in a small and compact box. In the photo to the right, it will show you what is in the box. It comes with the mount, a rectangular magnet, and a circular magnet. I have only used the rectangular magnet because it gives me the ability to put my phone a little higher or lower on the mount without having to adjust the magnet. If you use the circular magnet, you will most likely need to place the phone in the same place on the mount, so you have a firm grip. I do like how they have a back up magnet, though. Should something happen to the magnet that I am using, I will have another one I can use as a back up, which is nice. The magnets can either be placed inside your phone case or if you don’t have a case, they do have adhesive on one side to stick to the back of your phone.

My only complaints with this mount have been the scratches on my vent and the prongs do get stretched out eventually. However, something to keep in mind is that I share a car with my wife, so she is constantly taking it down as it restricts air coming out of the vent. If you were to install the mount on your vent and not take it down often then it would be perfect. The prongs wouldn’t stretch out and you wouldn’t need to keep sliding it on, therefore, you wouldn’t get the vent scratches. Overall, for the price, this is an awesome car mount. It’s simple, it works well, and it is inexpensive. Click below to be directed to the product listing on Amazon.

TechMatte MagGrip Vent Car Mount